Meet our unisex special. The wood scent is mostly for people who aren't fan of fruity/bloomy scents.  It contains activated charcoal and deep cleanses toxins and dirt. It strengthens hair, promotes hair growth and removes build up from gel, wax and/or oils. 


Bamboo charcoal is basically burnt bamboo plant pieces that are harvested for five years or more. It is known to have excellent absorbing properties and absorbs dirt particles from any surface.This cleans the scalp pores, allows your scalp to breathe and lets it absorb nutrients effectively.


Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo clears away the dust particles and dandruff that reside on your hair. 


We infused Jojoba oil. This is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair, including vitamin C, B and E. This strengthens hair, prevents hair loss and promote hair thickness. 


Suitable for all hairtypes. 


- This bar equals between 70-80 washes.

- Vegan - Natural ingredients - Plastic free -

Free of Sulfates/Parabenes/Silicones -CG friendly. 



  • Wet hair as usual. Either rub with wet hands the bar between your hands to create foam, or apply it directly to your head. Massage into scalp and hair and rinse clean.