​Our brand is named after it's founder: Chey Ciani. She's always had a passion for finding the right products for her own locks. She became quite known for her voluminous coupe and people kept asking for her secrets. 


She has searched for years to find products that won't damage your hair and are sustainable.
This resulted in her very own brand. Completely free of parabens, sillicones and sulfates. Besides that, we can proudly say that our volume powder is the first one in the world with completely non plastic packaging.



There are more shampoo bars already on the market but neither completely exist of natural ingredients that aren't saponified AND are affordable. 

So Chey haircare isn’t just good for creating voluminous hair, it’s also supportive of our environment! And why is that? Well we chose to go plastic-free for the following reasons: 

- There's a garbage truck full of plastic dumped into the ocean, every minute.. Yes while you're reading this! 

- Almost all the ocean pollution comes from land, read: humans! ​

-  So many animals are killed on a yearly basis due plastic bag litter. They mistake it for food such as jellyfish. Or they get tangled in plastic. Our founder Chey is vegan and an absolute animal lover. This might be the biggest reason for her to avoid plastic at all cost! 

- In 2050 they predict to have more plastic then fish in the ocean.

- The next generation will benefit from this

- The earth will benefit from this