You're one step closer to a better environment with conditioner bars! 


This bar contains coconut which encourages a healthy scalp and prevents hair breakage. Deep conditions, hydrates and adds moisture. 

Suitable for all hairtypes.


One of the ingredients added is Cocoabutter. This is the key secret to avoid frizzy hair. It offers nourishment and combats dandruff. 


Directions: wet hair as usual. Rub with wet hands the bar between your hands to create foam, or apply it directly to your head. Leave in for three minutes and rinse clean.




  • sodium cocoyl isethionate - cocos nucifera oil - theobroma cacao butter - vegetable glycerin - cetyl alcohol - panthenol (vitamin B5) - behentrimonium methosulfate - caprylic/capric triglyceride - dehydroacetic acid - citral - linalool