This bar is rich in calendula and other plant extracts that cleanses the scalp and soothes irritated scalp. Calendula is also known to stimulate hair growth and anti dandruff. 


One of the ingredients added is Cocoabutter. This is the key secret to avoid frizzy hair. It offers nourishment and combats dandruff. 


Another natural ingredient is sodium cocoyl glycinate. This naturally occurs in coconut. This is considered mild and non-drying. It's one of the few cleansing agents that naturally produces a creamy-feeling lather!


Suitable for all hair types: normal - oily - dry - sensitive - coloured.


- This bar equals between 70-80 washes.

- Vegan - Natural ingredients - Plastic free - Free of Sulfates/Parabenes/Silicones -CG friendly. 





  • Wet hair as usual. Either rub with wet hands the bar between your hands to create foam, or apply it directly to your head. Massage into scalp and hair and rinse clean.